Snow Goose" by Scott North; PA

Snow Goose" by Scott North; PA


Yes, I know…not only have I not posted a blog in over four months, but January 1st has already come and gone.  Like the age old adage…”better late than never”!

Still, my apologies for taking so long.

The delay in posting a blog since last September 2016? Mainly due to having been incredibly busy preparing for two major P.A.T.H. art events. The first being “ANIMALIA MUSICALE: A Chorus of Critters” at the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA with an Opening Reception date of Wednesday, February 1st from 6-8pm. Please refer to the Events section of this website for more info.  The second being the upcoming May-June 2017 “ART ESCAPE AT ALCATRAZ” event, which has taken up a great deal of my time.   For more info on the latter, please refer to Call to Artists page on the website. 

Nonetheless, I very much wanted to wish you, your loved ones and friends a very Healthy, Happy, Prosperous, Joyful and Creative 2017! 


Leslie, Director