"Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie Was a guard in years gone by; (At) Alcatraz he met the worst, Fred and Joseph were the first".

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to meet *George deVincenzi *at the Mill Valley Depot Cafe. Even though I had originally offered to meet hm in San Francisco, George insisted on driving over the Golden Gate Bridge to meet me in my hometown of Mill Valley.

We found a table inside the Mill Valley Depot cafe (would have sat outside but it was misty and chilly from the fog that had not yet lifted) and sat and talked for about an hour. George is a lovely man - 90 years old going on 60! A thoroughly charming, interesting and well versed man with a lifetime of fascinating experiences and true stories to tell and share.

George expressed a possible interest n participating P.A.T.H.'s ALCATRAZ art show slated for sometime next year (date TBD by the Art in the Parks Conservancy of San Francisco). So, keep your eye open for date confirmation.

In the meantime, George wrote a book titled MURDERS ON ALCATRAZ, which is available for purchase at the Alcatraz gift store, as well as Amazon and other online sources.

NOTE: Reference to Fred and Joseph in my revised version of the classic children's poem refers to a physical altercation that took place between two inmates during Mr. DeVincenzi's first 15 minutes of guard duty on his first day of work in 1950 at Alcatraz. That altercation that George rushed in to interrupt resulted in the murder of one Joseph Barsock.

Blessings, Leslie, Director

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