It's a time honored day to celebrate and express our love and appreciation - to and for our spouses, partners, children, parents, friends,  co-workers...even our beloved pets!  

For me, one of the ways I express my love and compassion is through diligent work with P.A.T.H. - to help validate and give inmate artists a voice, acknowledgment and a sense of purpose. To paraphrase West African Elder, Malidoma Patrice Somé, PhD:

“Purpose is the foundation of human life in this plane. And, purpose provides a certain kind of deeper meaning to a human being’s experience as such.

I know and understand that we all have lots of financial responsibilities these days - me, too!   But, if you feel moved to support P.A.T.H. in its mission...even the smallest amount ($3, $5, $10 or more), whatever works for you in your budget is greatly appreciated and will be well used. Simply click on the heart below to donate. And, you can select to make the donation anonymous if you prefer:  



PS: If you need a formal receipt with our non-profit EIN number for tax purposes...just ask!   

Thank you, and God bless you! 

Leslie, Director

Art credits: "She Loves me, Loves Me Not" (Carlos E. Galindo/CA); "Love Birds" (Anonymous); "Teddy Bear Valentine" (Jack. L. Morris/ CA); "Kisses" (Jeremy H. Hammill/ FL)