April 7th, 2016 was an historic day and cause for major celebration for my friend and former sailor, Mr. Keith A. Harward.  Because, on that day he was read the writ of actual innocence by the VA. Supreme Court and released from prison to go home the following day! Keith’s freedom was due in large part by the assistance of the team at the INNOCENCE PROJECT and the SKADDEN LAW FIRM in NYC.  They took on his case and won! 

Tragically, he was wrongly imprisoned for 33 years for the 1982 slaying of a Newport News, VA man and the rape of his wife…based on the testimony of bite mark evidence.

On November 4th, I received an email from Keith as he was about to get ready for a fancy dress up dinner party in London, UK!  Keith has been traveling the U.S. and Europe (currently NYC; London and Newcastle, England; Amsterdam and Italy) with the INNOCENCE PROJECT to speak to Criminal Defense Attorneys, and forensic scientists and dentists about the large margin for error in, as well as advocating for abolishing using dental bite marks as evidence and testimony in criminal trials.

What can I say?  Keith has come a long way from his days and years of incarceration and is in for a ride!  God bless Keith, the INNOCENCE PROJECT and SCADDEN Law Firm!

Leslie Lakes, Director


Keith A. Harward in NYC and Ground Zero Memorial

Keith A. Harward Speaking to Dentists re: Bite Mark Evidence

Keith A. Harward in London, UK

Keith A. Harward in Newcastle, UK

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