Art by Omar Avila; CA

This coming May-June 2017, P.A.T.H. present’s a pictorial and historical tribute to ‘The Rock’ through original works of art by incarcerated artists from around the U.S.

The exhibit takes place in The BAND PRACTICE ROOM at Alcatraz Island featuring a myriad of paintings and drawings and poetry.  Aside from works of art, Spoken Word and a special book presentation / book signings will be provided.  Please check with P.A.T.H. for more details.   

The overall theme of the show includes the history, people, life, culture, flora and fauna of Alcatraz: from the time it was a pre-Civil War military fort; to a Federal Penitentiary; to the Native American Indian Occupation during the late ‘60’s-early ‘70’s…to national park site it is today that attract thousands of visitors from all around the world. And, what better venue than Alcatraz for these talented incarcerated artists to plan an "Art Escape" for your enjoyment. 

Also, on Sunday, May 21st in the Band Practice Room, young adult author - Gennifer Choldenko - will provide powerpoint presentations and book signing of her acclaimed book series AL CAPONE DOES MY SHIRTS.  

While the exhibit takes place at Alcatraz, during the months of May-June, a privately curated collection of vintage ephemera and smaller pieces of inmate artwork will be on display at both the Belvedere/Tiburon and San Rafael (Anne T. Kent Room at the Civic Center) public libraries during their regular hours of operation.  

P.A.T.H. gives special thanks to the The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and Arts in the Parks/National Park Service for hosting and making this exhibit possible.

P.A.T.H. is a MarinLink 501 (c) (3) non-profit project 

Artwork by Omar Avila; CA