• Bank of Marin (map)
  • 19 Sunnyside Avenue
  • Mill Valley, CA, 94941
  • United States



15th January – 23rd March, 2018

 Bank of Marin
19 Sunnyside Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941


Join us for a joint International exhibition of art

from PATH & ArtReach


Prisoners incarcerated in the USA

& on death row San Quentin, CA


Admission: Free


Opening Reception: Thursday January 18th, 2018; 6pm-8pm


From Monday January 15th to Friday March 23rd 2018, P.A.T.H. and ArtReach are collaborating for the first time in a joint international exhibit to take place in the lobby of the Mill Valley branch of the Bank of Marin during their regular business hours (10am-6pm; Monday – Friday). This unique and thought provoking public show will feature over 50 pieces of artwork, poetry and various handcrafted art objects - all created by inmates in prisons from around the USA (P.A.T.H.), and prisoners incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison (ArtReach). Art on display will also be available for purchase.

ArtReach was founded in 2015 by UK artist, Nicola White to provide a platform for prisoners on San Quentin’s death row to exhibit their art and creativity. This is achieved both online and in a variety of London based exhibit venues and complementary art discussions. ArtReach seeks to humanize the plight of prisoners sentenced to death through their art. ArtReach believes that art and poetry has the power and ability to transform thinking, consciousness, behavior and lives. In doing so, it also helps to connect and engage these same artists with the outside world.

Says one San Quentin death row artist: “Art created in prison is an expression of hope, provides a focus and purpose, and helps those who have often not had the chance to express themselves, to do so in an acceptable way from behind prison walls”.t

For more information please contact:

Leslie Lakes, Director
1 973 650 7931


1. The Power in Comfort (coffee and colored pencil) - by Jeremy J. Hammill

2. Aztec (pen and pencil on paper) - by Luis Maciel

3. Alfred Hitchcock portrait (mixed media and coffee on paper) - by Ely Legerdemain

4. Frog (acrylic painting on canvas)  - by Joseph Dorsey

5. Muhammed Ali  (black pen on paper) - by Jeremy J. Hammill

6. Blue Whales (Acrylic on board) - by Royal Clark

7. Pastel portrait of South American Women - by Edgar Heflin