On April 20th, a warm sunny, Spring evening, people climbed the steps, walked across the wide open front patio and through the massive front doors of the First Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, CA where the Opening Reception for the current P.A.T.H. art fundraising event/exhibit took place. It was a lovely affair.

P.A.T.H. partnered with The First Presbyterian Church of San Rafael to benefit The Short Elementary School in this special fundraising effort.

Musician, Daniel Berkman played the Kora Harp from which the strains of this beautiful and interesting African stringed instrument filled the chapel venue space. It added a wonderful dimension and experience to all the artwork on display.

The Mill Valley Middle School Chamber Orchestra (young musicians from the ages of 11-13 and under the musical instruction and supervision of Music Director, Phoebe Dong), put on a live one half hour concert comprised of classical music selections. (See below if interested). They did a great job! Everyone who attended was duly impressed with their musical talents. P.A.T.H. wholeheartedly thanks them for their devoted participation so that other kids can benefit from funds received to help build and provide art, science and music programs.

And, last but not least, P.A.T.H. thanks all the incarcerated artist who so generously donated their original artwork for exhibition and sale purposes.

The art will continue to be up on display and available for sale through Friday, May 21st. Please enjoy all the photo images, and if you have any questions, please ask!

Music Program:

  1. Tango Mariana - Joseph Compello
  2. Spring Breezes (based on a Taiwanese Melody), arranged by Richard Meyer
  3. Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 - first movement J. S. Bach/arranged by Merle Isaac
  4. Symphony No. 25 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/arranged by Thomas LaJoie
  5. In the Company of Angels - William Holfeldt
  6. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/arranged by Merle Isaac
  7. Libertango - Astor Piazzola/arr. by James Cusik


Leslie Lakes, Director