Worst of the Worse?  The “Al Capone” of dogs?

Did you know that Pit bulls used to be a favorite American breed in the early half of the 20th century?  During World War I, Pit Bull images were plastered on army recruitment posters, and several Pit Bulls went on to become famous in the American military, as well.  If you’re old enough, you'll remember “Petey” as the canine Pit Bull sidekick in the “Little Rascals”/ “Our Gang” comedies.  Also, there was Buster Brown, and his canine cohort, Tige – a friendly Pit Bull terrier who, along with Buster, served as mascot for the Brown Shoe Company.  

And, let’s not forget, the famous and iconic RCA Victor image of a dog and a gramophone.  Guess what kind of dog that was?   Yep!  A Pit Bull terrier.

Before the mid-80s, stories of pit bull attacks were practically non-existent.  But, like with any other breed of dog (or children for that matter) when left in the wrong hands, and/or with the wrong upbringing and training… havoc can wreak lose.  But, when shown tenderness and firm, yet gentle respectful training, these dogs can be the friendliest, most loving, protective and loyal dogs anyone can be blessed to have as a companion in one’s home.  

Pete Zarogoza knows.  And, Pete LOVES Pit Bulls.  Pete loves lots of other wild animals, too.  His artwork clearly shows it as he celebrates these beautiful creatures; whether meticulously drawing them on paper, or on large over-sized, white T-Shirts, Pete definitely has a way with a pen.  

Please enjoy this sampling of Pete’s artwork which has graced a few of the past P.A.T.H. shows. Just click on the first image, which will bring you to the next, then the next…and the next.



Leslie, Director