Celebrating the Service of K-9 Dogs I thought that it would be a great idea to have a show of artwork by incarcerated artists where the monies raised would benefit trained K-9 dogs; whether in service to police, military, rescue, etc.

I knew that it could be a completely contradictory, provocative and controversial proposal to those who are currently incarcerated, but these dogs need protection, too against threatening and gun wielding people. As it turns out, approx 90% of the inmate artists I work with have given me a thumbs up for this future project.

While other fundraising art shows are planned for the near future (one in April and another for the Fall), I just had to share this heart warming pencil drawing that I recently received, which was created for the K-9 show by artist, Larry Viera, CA.

May it warm your heart as it did mine.


Leslie, Director