Well, it’s finally happened!  Since I had initially approached Ms. Rachael Penman, Director of Artifacts & Exhibits a little over 15 months ago to propose and pique her interest in a special show of inmate artwork, it’s come to fruition!  PATH's  “Art Escape at Alcatraz” is installed and on public display as a new temporary exhibit at the ALCATRAZ EAST CRIME MUSEUM  in Pigeon Forge TN. 

This show has received so much media attention: no less than 13 online and print articles including a short and sweet video by a local Pigeon Forge, TN news team that you can watch HERE.

Since it would be too extensive to list all the articles, here is one that features inmate artist, Trevor Jones’ work, and another that features the multiple artwork of Klab Koss’ Al Capone; Jeremy J. Hammill’s portrait of William G. Baker (a former Alcatraz Penitentiary inmate and author of a biography titled Alcatraz 1259), as well as Andrew Valencia’s “The Takeover” at Alcatraz.  

You can well imagine my delight when Ms. Rachael Penman wrote to tell me: “Hi Leslie! It (the installation) turned out AMAZING! Everyone on staff is saying it's their favorite temp exhibit”.

This temporary exhibit will be on display through May 1, 2020.  So, if you or anyone you know is planning to visit that part of Tennessee, please tell them to check it out! 

Thank you! 


Leslie Lakes, Director