Yesterday, I installed a new (one of many rotating quarterly inmate art exhibits) within the lobby of the Marin County Public Defenders’ office (Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, CA).  This time, it’s an interesting potpourri of prison artwork including a panoply of panos art (art created on handkerchiefs and/or fabric such as Pete Zepeda’s XXLG T-Shirts). 

Most of the artwork is available for purchase including Pete’s A BREED RESOLUTE - an incredibly detailed blue pen drawing on a man’s XXLG white T-Shirt. 50% of funds from the sale of this art will directly benefit the Cover Your K-9 Fundwhich provides safety equipment and medical care for police and sheriff's dogs, and other working K-9 teams.  

If feasible, check out the art in person: 

3501 Civic Center Dr # 139, San Rafael, CA

Hours: Monday thru Friday8am-Noon/1pm-4:30pm



MUHHAMAD ALI by Jeremy J. Hammill 

ALL AMERICAN by Wesley Moosman 

WORLD OF PARADISE by Michael Antonio Gonzales (CA) 

STANDING BULL by Young Blood Frank McCray 

A LOVE LETTER by Benevidez (Panos Art) 

KOLORFUL KOI by W. Rey (Panos Art) 

CALL TO THE WILD by Pete Zarogoza (Panos Art) 

A BREED RESOLUTE by Pete Zarogoza (Panos Art)

LARGE MARILYN by Anonymous Inmate Artist 

WOLF DREAMING OF RABBITS by R. Williams, III (Panos Art)  

THREE HORSES by Anonymous Inmate Artist 

FRIDA KAHLO by Anthony (Sonny) Ramirez (SQSP, CA)

THE POWER OF COMFORT by Jeremy J. Hammill 

SEVEN SINS by Anonymous Inmate Artist