As previously mentioned, P.A.T.H. will be sharing images of different handcrafted items created by incarcerated individuals from all over the country.  The pieces featured in this week’s blog were created by men in a giving program called “BEHIND THE WALL CREATIONS” (BTWC) at Avenal State Prison.  In fact, P.A.T.H. has decided to not only support this program, but is in the process of collaborating with them for a special teddy bear themed fundraising event to take place in the Fall.  More about that in the future! But for now, enjoy these fabulous handcrafted items.  

The Betty Boop jewelry box was created by “BTWC” Founder and Director, Inmate Bobby Rodriguez (CA).  Bobby explained to me that he made the box from rolled up newspaper, cardboard, paint and a mirror cut out. It’s so well designed. Such detail. I love it! 

Bobby also made the blue and white children's handbag. The bag was fashioned out of cut up colored paper that he folded and then covered with cellophane, and sewed all together. WOW! Check it out.

For the three name rings, Bobby told me that he made them with colored string that was twisted up and glued over separate pieces of plastic  - you know...those circular seals commonly found around the necks of  plastic bottles of lotion. 

The beaded jewelry (necklaces and bracelets) were made by different men in the “BTWC” program; fashioned from recycled beads that people didn't want and donated to “BTWC”.

I’ll definitely be sharing more about the "BTWC" program.  Currently, they are having an annual HYGIENE DRIVE and asking other inmates at the prison to donate their new unopened hygiene products, dehydrated foods and drink items to send to homeless families who are living on the streets and in temporary housing facilities. Last year, they had two Hygiene Drives each gathering over $400.00 worth of products.  So you see, with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of compassion, people can contribute back to the community and society from inside the prison walls. These are men after my own heart!  God bless them.

Until next time....Enjoy!


Leslie Lakes, Director