Just a couple weeks following the opening of the “Unchained Artists” show at the Mill Valley Bank of Marin, Marin County Deputy Public Defender – Carol Farrer – approached me and asked if by chance I would entertain installing some inmate artwork in the Public Defenders’ office waiting room area (Room 139) within the Marin County Civic Center. Not only honored that there would be such genuine interest, I thought that it was a terrific idea and arranged to cull some artwork from last year’s Art Escape at Alcatraz show. 

So, on Monday, April 9th, armed with twelve pieces of framed original artwork and supplies, and with the help from custodian, Tom (Tom was wonderful!), he and I set to work at hanging the show, which will remain up on display through July 13th.  What I’m thinking to do (if permission is granted) is to keep the show going for yet another three months, but change out the art images so the show stays fresh.  

Before I left their office, Public Defender, Jose H. Varela came out to meet me and shake my hand. 

See Below for Description of Images and Art Credits:

Public Defenders Office within Marin Civic Center

Custodian, Tom helping me to install art while Rafael the Raccoon (San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Mascot) looks on.

(L to R): "Mass Incarceration" by David M. Shaw and "Native Spirit" by Shane Drousche.

(L to R): “Postal Pelican” by Chris Avitea; “The Rule” (top) and “The Deal” (bottom) by Robert U. Mendoza; “Snowy White Egret” by Rudy Guerrero.

(L to R): “Pelican Passage” by Omar Avila; “Military Fort and Cannons” by Santiago Duran; “Mama’s Roses” by James E. Atomanocyzk; “She Sings Blessings to the Iron House” by Benjamin Lewis, Jr.

Deputy Public Defender, Carol Farrer rearranges bulletin board

Public Defender, Carol Farrer (L) and Public Defender, Jose H. Varela

Rafael the Raccoon - San Rafael Chamber of Commerce Mascot -  is well satisfied with the installation. Ha!  Ha!



Leslie Lakes, Director

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