Ever since Matthew Lacques – accomplished musician and current math teacher at the Woodside Probation/Learning Center in San Francisco – played guitar with fellow singer/songwriter/folk musician, Dore Coller in the Band Practice Room at Alcatraz last year, Matt has been asking me to bring part of the original “ART ESCAPE AT ALCATRAZ” art exhibit to the school for these 'at risk' youth and other staff members to enjoy, as well as create educational discussions around. 

So, finally, this past Wednesday March 21st (first day of Spring), my fabulous fine art photographer friend, Barry Toranto picked me up in Mil Valley with a carload full of art and supplies, and we drove into the City to meet up with Matt at Woodside in the late afternoon after school had recessed.  We managed to install 18 pieces of artwork and on April 10th, I’ll return to fill the large glass display case with my own private collection of authentic vintage ephemera (magazine and newspaper articles dating back to the 1930’s and older; media press photos), as well as a myriad of interesting vintage souvenirs pertaining to “The Rock”.   

Also, that same day, I plan to talk to the students about the art and hope to satisfactorily answer any questions that may arise about the incarcerated artists who I write to and who generously participate in P.A.T.H. art projects and events.  More to come! So stay tuned.


Leslie Lakes, Director


Matthew Lacques and Barry Toranto

Raphael the Raccoon; SRCOC Mascot

Matt, Barry and Leslie