On Wednesday morning, December 12th, I set off on foot from Mill Valley, CA with four large plastic bags each filled to the brim containing  a total of 50  brand new teddy bears and other sweet and cuddly, adorable animal plushies.  I was headed to San Francisco and had to take two buses to get there. The first bust left several long blocks from my home in the direction of Marin City where I took a corresponding bus to San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.  Initially the bus driver at Marin City said “Ma’am we can’t let you on the bus with all those bags” (he must have thought I was an indigent bag lady), but I adamantly insisted that I had no recourse but to get on the bus so I could deliver these toys to City Team, even if I had to pay extra fare for an additional seat.  He let me on.

I eventually made my way to the City Team’s office location at 164  6th Street off of Mission.  Delivered these plushies just in time for the staff and volunteers to distribute and hand out to children in homeless shelters for this Christmas season. The stuffed animals were purchased from the Bearington companywith monies that PATH raised through the incredibly generous donations of artwork and handcrafted items that incarcerated artists sent us for this purpose.

And, this coming Saturday, December 22nd, I will be returning to City Team to join their staff and volunteers as they hand out clothing, new blankets, food and toys.  I personally will be providing foot washing and foot massage for anyone who happens to walk into their facility who requests it.  

For more information about City Team and all the great work they do: www.cityteam.org


Leslie Lakes, Director


Christophe Nussbaumer, Leslie Lakes, Ashley Ross, Eric, Christophe, Leslie and Ashley