On 9/14, five days following the 9/9/18 Teddy Bear ‘Tea Party’ fundraiser at the Book Passage, I drove over to the Elks Lodge in San Rafael with my car laden down and packed to the brim with all things teddy bear related to set up for a fun family evening of youth craft activities, food and ukulele music.  

The ELKS are wonderful in that they fully support their members' community and charitable interests through such actions as providing a venue, volunteers or funds in support of their good causes.

Kids were invited to bring their own teddies to bounce around with in the large Bouncy Castle that was set up under the wedding arbor in their outdoor garden.  It remained a beautiful warm sunny day all day, which lent for an equally lovely evening for this event.

Aside from fabulous teddy bear art and an array of craft items (including handcrafted collectible teddies) made and donated by incarcerated artists specifically for this event, there were many other teddy bear items ranging from vintage mechanical wind up teddies, to jewelry, lamps, blankets, books, cookie jars, tea sets, embroidered linens, Christmas tree ornaments, and so forth.    

Professional caricaturist, Pete McDonnell was also on hand to provide his uncanny gift of caricature drawings…and as you can see, Pete sure nailed the images!  

My niece, Hannah and her friend, Tabby (both sophomore High School students) offered to provide teddy bear face painting, for the little ones. A large bouquet of multi-colored polka dot balloons by Balloons by Design, helped lend an even more festive ambiance.  

Aside from the yummy family dinners sold by the Elks Lodge, receipts from sales of teddy bear items went directly to PATH so that PATH can purchase brand new teddies and assorted other plushies to give out to children of incarcerated parents during the end of the year seasonal holidays. 

I’d like to personally thank the Elks Lodge and their volunteers, as well as everyone else who helped PATH make it a special and rewarding event. 

If you wish to make a donation to PATH so we can continue this program, please feel free to do so HERE.

Thank you and God bless!

Leslie Lakes, Director/Founder