This past Monday afternoon, with the help of Marin Civic Center custodian, Tom and a lovely High School intern - Kelsey Mazariegos – we installed a new inmate art exhibit within the Public Defenders’ office at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, CA.

I affectionately titled this new exhibit ANIMAL HOUSE, which comprises 16 pieces of framed original artwork in various styles and mediums by incarcerated artists from around the country.  Art includes cats (large and small, domestic and wild); dogs, bears, fish and birds.  The show will be up for public viewing purposes for the next three months (thru the end of January 2019).

For more information, please feel free to contact PATH Director, Leslie Lakes at:

My appreciation goes out to both Jose H. Varela (Public Defender) and Carol Farrer (Deputy Public Defender) for making these rotating exhibits possible.

Thank you and enjoy!


Leslie Lakes, Director

Art credits:  Bear and butterfly black ink drawing by Manuel R. Sanchez (CA); Green Leopard and Pitt Bull Buddies by Pete Zarogoza, (UT); Mama owl and baby owls in nest ink drawing by David. M. Shaw (CA); Black Labrador acrylic painting on canvas by Ben Howard (PA); Leopard ink drawing by Brad Hart (CA); Wood Duck colored pencil drawing by Christopher Avitea (CA); Parrots colored pencil drawing by Gilbert Loza (CA); Golden Retriever drawing by Ernie Garcia (formerly incarcerated CA); Chihuahua in Tea Cup ink drawing by Brad Hart (CA); Wolves painting on board by James E. Atomancyzk (TX); Rex domestic cat drawing by Coleman Pannell (formerly incarcerated in KS); Presa Dogs drawings by Rogelio Reyes (CA); Panda acrylic painting on board by Joseph Miller (PA).