seven deadly sins by Sergio.jpg

Things aren’t always what they seem to be.  We're usually so quick to judge.  Sometimes, we really need to delve a little deeper and take into consideration the context and circumstances of what we see and experience in order to come to a clearer truer picture of the reality of a person and/or situation.

Take this fantastic allegorical drawing by Sergio for instance.  Yes…It’s powerful and commanding. I personally love not only the artist’s drawing skill set, but the compelling composition and tattoo detail, as well as the artist’s  decision to add color in just a few appropriate places (the red sunglasses lenses and the brown eye of the woman behind the man…representing the insidious and dangerous clutches of the seductive nature of Seven Deadly Sins.  

At first glance, one might jump to the conclusion that this drawing promotes, upholds and encourages violence and sin.  But, once you turn to the back of the drawing…..go ahead and read what the artist wrote.  It changes the entire picture, both literally and figuratively.

Signed and inscribed on back of the drawing board:

Cindy, this was my Homie
“Seven Sins”
“Rest in Peace”
Kids looking for power and knowledge
Read the Bible
“Don’t  - Join – A – Gang”
Love From An Angel Tears


Leslie Lakes, DirectorP.A.T.H.

Art title:  “SEVEN SINS”
Medium: Graphite and ink on artist board
20 x 15 inches