It's the SUMMER OF LOVE and P.A.T.H. invites you to take a trip down memory lane through the June issue of the new and fabulous MARIN ARTS & CULTURE Magazine.

Want to know what the Alluring Voices are all about at Alcatraz Prison these days?  Contributing writer - Valerie Shaw -  will gladly fill you in!

Whether you are local to the Marin County, CA and San Francisco Bay area or not, this elegant and well designed online magazine has a lot to offer, and will keep you well entertained and informed with a variety of fun happenings in the art it fashion, food, music, visual art, theater, name it!.  And for a nominal annual subscription rate to boot.

PS  Took a few more pics when I was back out at the island.  Here is the abandoned Warden's House situated across from the still standing Coast Guard lighthouse.  Also came across a family of geese while walking up the stone path to the prison. Here you have a proud Papa goose struttin' his stuff in front; flanked by Junior gossling in the middle; with a watchful Mama following close behind.
It's a wonderful sight to see because while not unusual, it's rare to come across gosslings maturing on the island due to the onslaught of Western Gulls who steal the eggs before they hatch.



Leslie Lakes, Director