With little sleep the night before and up again by 5am Wednesday morning (4/26), I packed up all the artwork and brought it outside awaiting Barry's arrival.

Barry and I load up the car.

After hitting crazy commuter traffic in San Francisco, we pull up to Pier 33 at 10am where Sabrina Bedford - Art in the Parks Coordinator(Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy) meets us and arranges for us to park, as well as provides two large rolling carts for the artwork and supplies.

After disembarking the ferry on the Alcatraz dock side, we approach a truck (driven by Ranger Sarah).

Barry in the back of the truck before I climb up with him to ride the long winding curving hill up to the prison entrance.

We simultaneously held our breath as we entered the Band Practice Room, because just a week before, there was still major construction taking place. Whew! All cleared out.  And, I was thrilled to see that the protective plastic coverings on all the windows were also removed to allow natural light to flow in.  Now, ready for us to get to work.

We contemplate the room; lay out all the art and figure out a plan of attack for the major installation job ahead. 

Before we left, Barry adjusts the lighting tracks above to focus on the artwork.  We both ran down the hill and within a hair's breadth, made the 5:55pm ferry back to the San Francisco side before the gates closed.

Leslie Lakes, Director