Summary of key tasks performed for the upcoming show:

TUES, 2/28:  Fellow artist/photographer, Barry Toranto and I headed over to the Band Practice Room (BPR) at Alcatraz to scope out the current tracking system; take measurements of available wall space; note all functioning electrical outlets, etc.  At the time, the room was clear with the exception of a tall ladder and plastic covering the windows to protect dust entering the room from current exterior construction.

SAT,  3/11:  I headed over to MICHAELS Framing Department with all 43 pieces ofartwork that needed to be custom matted and framed.  Was at the counter working with their expert framers from 3:15pm-8:45pm

SUN 4/9:  Back at MICHAELS to pick up and load the car with all finished framed artwork.  Bumping into art in every room and corner imaginable at our home!   

WED 4/12:  Barry and I return to Alcatraz to drop offhand constructed wood easels for signage purposes, as well as test chains we purchased from Goodman's Hardware. Originally, we were figuring to use formal art tracking wires, but a month away from the installation, we were informed by Parks Service that as best that they looked in their storage area, they were unable to locate them.  So, Barry devises a different plan. His new moniker- "Brillant Barry"! 

WED 4/19:  I'm back at Pier 33 to catch the 10:30am ferry across to Alcatraz. The BPR is still cluttered with construction, but I was assured by a Parks Staff person that the room would be cleared prior to 4/26.  With only five more days before the scheduled installation , Barry and I have had to resort to ordering spools of ball chain and "A" hooks from a NY company to be shipped Priority for Monday morning delivery.   

This weekend, I'll be printing out all the art title cards and artists' Bios. 

That's showbiz, folks!  More to come..............

Leslie Lakes, Director