Hi!  And, welcome to P.A.T.H. and inmate artwork at its finest! I am so happy that you logged onto this site and over time, I am eager to share with you a variety of styles of artwork from a number of very talented artists who are currently incarcerated in prisons throughout the Continental U.S.

I also look forward to sharing the artists’ stories, their individual approaches to art, what it means to them, and the different mediums that they use based on availability and access to materials deemed acceptable by respective prison regulations.  A large portion of artwork is created with the use of blue, black or colored pens; colored pencils, sometimes acrylic paints and on rare occasions oil on canvas. Since cotton fiber paper is generally prohibited, artwork is created on whatever paper the artists can get their hands on, which includes blank USPS post cards, 8-1/2” x 11” typing paper, the backs of prison regulation notices, the back of used manila envelopes and the like.  Paint brushes may be fashioned out of tightly rolled up paper, natural hair (cut from one’s locks) and held in place with a rubber band. When commercial art supplies are unavailable, “paint” colors are sourced from food color dyes from commissary “M & M” and/or “Skittles” candies, coffee and/or tea stains, as well as magazine or map paper colors.  Other resourceful mediums may include peanut butter, shaving cream, toothpaste and the like.  

Please note that these artists are very excited to have a public platform where their artwork and creative spirit can be viewed and appreciated, as well as serve a higher purpose and ultimately be a benefit to others.  

When I first asked a select number of artists to think of, and send me images for a possible logo design for the new P.A.T.H. art website, I ended up receiving some very interesting and unique drawings.  While, we ultimately decided to go with a more iconic logo design by a professional illustrator, I would like to commend and share with you some of the absolutely fabulous images that were sent and donated to P.A.T.H. by these artists.  And with their express permission, I still plan on using their artwork for fliers, business cards, stationery, event banners and for current and future events.  Enjoy and by all means, feel free to comment.