What can I say? I'm a coffee drinker, and I always look forward to that first cup of fresh ground, fresh brewed java in the morning upon rising.

But, consider other uses for coffee other than drinking it. Mr. Jeremy Hammill has, and he's done so with the panache and skill of the most talented barista.

Since Mr. Hammill does not have access to regular commercial art supplies that other prisons make available, he creates a makeshift painter's brush (formed from his own hair and a tightly wadded and twisted toilet paper - not to worry...unused!), and makes his own paint by pulverizing the coffee grinds and adding hot water to the desired consistency and density of color for his small paintings. By only using coffee and colored pencils does he create these delightful pieces of art. Shading with coffee and incorporating what is called negative or white space lends to a greater dimension and depth to his animal subjects.

Please enjoy all nine pieces of work displayed here - all are made with coffee except for one which is a sweet pencil drawing of a cat. Just click on the first image and it will take you to the next, then the next and the next.


Leslie, Director

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