This past November, I attended a Classical music concert put on by the Lucas Valley Community Orchestra at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda. Needless to say, the concert was excellent! But, what I didn't know until I was leaving and halfway out the door, was that it was a fundraising effort for a local non-profit called E.L.M. Never having heard of E.L.M. before, I quickly looked it up and was so impressed by what I read that I immediately contacted their Director, Jane Kramer to let her know that P.A.T.H. was interested in collaborating on some level to help raise funds for their awesome music programs.

*Enriching Lives Through Music *currently does just. It enriches the lives of over 120 students from the largely Latino immigrant Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, California through free and intensive music programs. Their students work with top-notch teachers, mentors, and musicians to progress from a tune on the recorder to a symphony, salsa or samba on a classical instrument.

So many of the incarcerated artists I correspond with write and tell me that E.L.M. is the right way to go for our children's future. They wish this kind of program was available to them when they were kids, and what a difference that would have made.

On Sunday December 20th at 2pm, E.L.M. will be holding a WINTER CONCERT at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. It's free! If your schedule avails, please come! If you click on the first image, you can continue to see pics of some of the children who play instruments in their program.


Leslie Lakes, Director