Whew! So much work was put into getting this show of no less than 70 pieces of framed artwork up on the walls (an exciting yet, monumental task that I’d like to share with you in a pictorial story in another blog). So, with last minute flourishes; the final affixing of art title cards, arrangement of varied and fabulous raffle prizes, as well as assortment of boutique baked goods and beverages (compliments of local businesses) on several long tables set lengthwise along the glass windows looking out to the garden and Olympic size pool…the doors to the Lucas Valley Community Center swung open, and the P.A.T.H. “IMAGES FROM THE INSIDE” art fundraising exhibit to benefit DRAWBRIDGE began!

Smooth jazz filled the room as people trickled in. In light of so many other events and activities taking place over the extended Columbus Day holiday weekend, I was happy that folks made it out to this fun Opening Reception. I love talking with people and sharing information about the artwork and the artists who created the different pieces. Attached, for your visual pleasure is a short video of the event. Enjoy!